Delshine has a wide variety of professional cleaning products, chemicals and related items. If there is something your require and we don’t stock it, we will try to source the product for you. Delshine Products are made here in Perth Wangara.

Most products are carried in stock but at times we are waiting for some items due to heavy demand.


Auto Glass Cleaner – Neutral liquid formulated for use in Automatic Glass Washing Machines.
Beer Line Cleaner – Liquid used to sanitize pipes and clean spears.
Tri Sodium Phosphate – Used for glass washing.
Propylene Glycol – Used as an anti-freeze.
Bottle Bags and Straws


Avocado Sink Detergent – 15% Activity. Green coloured pot strength concentrated detergent, recommended for heavy duty washing.
A.D.L (Automatic Dish Washing Liquid) – Concentrated liquid formula for use via a dispenser in commercial Automatic Dish Washing Machines.
Rinse Aid – Blue Liquid used in conjunction with ADL or Dish Washing Powder to aid faster drying with a shine.
Hi Clean – Extremely powerful oven cleaner with a potassium hydroxide base.
Heavy Duty Cleaner – For use on ovens, exhaust fans, hot plates and grills.

Dish Washing Powder – Strong concentrated powder for use in Automatic Dish washing Machines.
De-Scaler (Liquid) – Low foaming liquid formula for use in stainless steel equipment for hard water scale and milk stone removal.
De-Scaler (Powdered) – Powdered formulation for de scaling dishwashers.
Sanitiser – Blue liquid formulated especially to sanitise and destroy bacteria. Recommended for the food industry.
Sani Hands – A waterless hand sanitiser which replaces gloves.
Liquid Soap White – Free from dyes and perfumes.
Tea towels, sponges, scourers, al foil, cling wrap, handy bake, napkins, dish mops and cloths are also available.

Day Care

Nappy Fresh – A Powdered nappy sanitiser.
Bleach – Various strengths.
Disinfectants – Various fragrances.
Baby Wipes
Colour Cloths – Various colours for different rooms.
Hand Towels – Half size for small children.
Sani Hands – Used to cover hands with a sanitising agent thus eliminating the use of gloves.

Pet Care/Veterinary

Fly Spray- Fly Repellant ideal for kennels and stables.

Pet Cologne – A Deodorant spray for pets.
Animal Disposal Bags – Various Sizes.
Disinfectants & Floor Cleaners
Methylated Spirits
Laundry Powder & Bleach’s

General Cleaning

Bleach – 4% Strength.
Lemon Bleach – 4% Strength.
Super Bleach – 12% Strength.
Country Fresh Disinfectant – A full 1.5% Quat. Disinfectant. Commercial Strength. Available in Tutti, Lemon & Pine.
Creme Cleanser
Spray & Wipe
Spray & Wipe Heavy Duty
Glass & Mirror Cleaner – For smearless cleaning of mirrors, glass, chrome and stainless steel.
Re-Odourant Cleaner – A 3 way liquid formulation combining a powerful cleaning ability with a long lasting fragrance and sanitizing. Available in Tutti and Lemon.

Floor Care

Red Lion – Strong multi purpose de-greaser cleaner.
Grimex – Powerful strong cleaner for use on tiled floors. Especially formulated to remove deposits from floors and cleaning grout.
Seal Strip – Neutral liquid used to strip water based floor sealers.
Floor Seal 30 – Strong 30% Solids, For sealing vinyl, linoleum, parquet, wood, slate, terrazzo, leaving a non slip finish.
Xtra Clean – Neutral cleaner. No film rinse is required.
Carpet Cleaner – Formulated for use in extraction machines.
C.C. De Foamer – Use as an anti foaming agent for extraction machines.
Carpet Spotter
Carpet Sanitiser – A Sanitiser Liquid for Carpets with Pet stains etc……

Floor pads
Scissor mops
Buffing pads

Bathroom & Toilet

Bathroom Cleaner – Used on stainless steel, chrome and porcelain easily removes soap & calcium from showers, tiles, toilets etc.
Loo Clean – Acid based cleaner ideal for the removal of stubborn stains, including bore water. Not suitable for stainless steel urinals.
Toilet Blocks – Large 2″ crystal evaporative blocks with a strong fragrance.
Sweet Loo – A blue water dye put in cisterns to colour the flush water and leave a pleasant odour.

Liquid Soap Perfume – Concentrated antiseptic soap fragranced and coloured pink. Ideal for wash rooms.
Liquid Soap White – Concentrated antiseptic soap with no fragrance or colouring.
Soap Tablets – Wrapped or unwrapped ranging from 15gms to 125gms.
Air Freshener Dispenser – With replaceable cans with various fragrances which automatically spray a scent into the air on regular intervals.

washing machine


Hyrogen Peroxide – Used via a dispenser in a laundry system.
Fabric Softener
Laundry Powder
Laundry Powder Eco – Ideal for freshening clothes that are not badly soiled.
Liquid Laundry Wash
Nappy Fresh
– White powdered mix for soaking and sanitizing nappies. Also used to whiten clothing.
Pre-Wash Spotter – Spray on stains before washing.

Clean Vehicle

Car Care/Workshop

Car Wash – A wash suited for cars and vans (not a wax wash).
Truck Wash – Heavy duty vehicle wash, removes dirt, fuel, soot, oil and film etc… Suitable for hand washing or high pressure cleaning.
Upholstery Rejuvenator – Milky liquid, used on clean surfaces to give shine and protect surfaces, including dashboards, vinyl and plastic.
Hand Cleaner – Liquid formulation for workshops containing lanolin for skin protection.
Multi Clean – Caustic free multi purpose cleaner degreaser ideal for cleaning machinery.
Heavy Duty Cleaner – Popular for workshops, machinery, high pressure cleaning etc.
Ally Clean – A acidic cleaner especially formulated for stainless steel and aluminium.
Easy Off – Ideal for cleaning concrete floors
Car Cloths

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Algae Controller – liquid formulation for the prevention and removal of green and brown algae.
Soda Ash – Used to increase PH level in pools.
Stabilised Chlorine Granules – 65% Strength. Used to destroy algae and bacteria in pool. No need to dilute etc… Place directly in pool no stabiliser required..
Salt – Available in 20/25kg bags.
Stain Remover – used for removal of stains on the concrete/fiberglass.
Water Clarifier – A forulation used to clarify pool water when cloudy.
Black Spot Treatment – Two pack formula available.
Diatomaceous Earth – Powder for pool filters.

Stabiliser – Used for preventing UV rays from burning chlorine too quickly.
Spa Bromine Tablets
Spa pH Increaser
Spa pH Reducer
Test Strips – For chlorine and Ph.
Filter Sand
Chlorine Liquid – $15 drum deposit unless in date drum exchange.
Hydrochloric Acid (32%) – Used to reduce pH level in pools. ($15 drum deposit unless in date drum exchange)
Non Fumic Acid – Used to reduce pH level in pools. ($15 drum deposit unless in date drum exchange)
Test Kits – Suitable for testing pH & chlorine level in pools and spas.
Buffer – Used to increase alalinity.
Dry Acid – Used to decrease PH
Pool Tablets – Used in floaters to add Chlorine.
Shock Rite Oxy – For Spas
Foam Reducer
Swimming Pool Equipment –
See our selction of various tools and equipment for spas and pools.

cleaners bucket and products

Other Products & Materials

Ammonia 25% Solution
Caustic Soda
Calcium hypo –
(Dry Acid)
Citric Acid
Cyanuric Acid

Distilled Water
Hydrochloric Acid 32%
Laquer Thinners
Methylated Spirits
Oxalic Acid
Phosphuric Acid 85%
Soda Ash
Sodium Bi Carbonate
Sodium Bi Sulphate
Sodium Hydroxide / Caustic
Sodium Hypochlorite
Sulphuric Acid
Sulphamic Acid
Tri-sodium Phosphate
White Spirits

rubbish bin


Calcium Remover – Powdered formula to remove a calcium from glass etc. Ideal for window cleaning.
Drain Cleaner – Powdered caustic mix
Soaka Lawn – Neutral coloured liquid for use on all lawns to allow a better flow of water to the roots of the grass.
Bin Cleaner – A formulation for cleaning wheely bins etc….
Disinfectant – Hospital Strength disinfectant with no colouring or fragrance.
Easy Off – Multi propose yellow cleaner. ideal for high pressure cleaning of trucks or any surface.
Fly Spray – Air and surface sprays available.
Bore Stain Remover – An acid based cleaner formulated for the removal of bore water stains.

Paper Goods

We offer a large range of paper goods including Hand Towels, Hand Rolls, Centre Pulls, Toilet Rolls, Toilet Tissues, Jumbo Rolls, Face Tissues, Bin Liners, Al Foil, Handibake, Clingwrap, Foam Cups, Paper Cups, Paper Napkins, Paper Table Cloths, Wooden Cutlery, Paper Bottle Bags, Plastic Shopping Bags, Disposable Gloves, Take Away Containers, Plates, Animal Disposal Bags, Straws, Bowls, Plastic Wine and Beer Glass’s etc.
Please ask for details.

Cleaners Dustpan and broom

Cleaning Aids

We stock a range of cleaning Cloths, Scourers, Mops, Gloves, Dust Pan, Brushes, Brooms, Floor pads, Mop Buckets, Cobweb Brooms, Dust Masks, Floor Signs & Cones, Floor squeegies, Scissor Mops, Nifty Nabbers, Grout Brushes, Tea Towels, Buckets, Bins, Broom handles, Scrubbing Brushes, Toilet Brush sets, Fringe Mops, Lobby Sets, Toilet Brush Sets, Janitors Carts, X Carts and replacement bags etc.


Dispensers are available for Liquid Soap, Detergents, Hand Towels, Face Tissues, Gloves, Toilet Rolls, Air Freshener and Fly Spray.

Window Cleaning

Scrim Cloths, Squeegees, Poles, Scrapers, Rubbers, Brushes and cleaning detergents etc.

Hotel/Motel Rooms

Face Tissues, Toilet Rolls